Inside the World of ESPN

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

When I was a young, sports-loving proto-journalist, I used to think I wanted to work at ESPN someday — alongside the dream anchor team of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann on “The Big Show.” After reading Those Guys Have All the Fun by co-author James Miller, it’s probably best that I wound up behind the scenes — first at NPR, then on satellite radio with Bob Edwards. The subtitle of the book is Inside the World of ESPN and it shows that it’s just another workplace where some people are happy, some are not and where there’s a lot more work than fun. Co-authors James Miller and Tom Shales interviewed hundreds of people to tell the network’s story — founders, executives, anchors, reporters and fans. ESPN has come a long way from featuring slow-pitch softball and Australian Rules Football. Now it’s a cable network seen by millions around the world and features actual professional American sports and its signature highlights and commentary program SportsCenter…which yielded the best series of promo spots ever.

Here’s a classic promo mentioned in the interview.


Another classic which pokes fun at the show’s love of catchphrases.


And Bob’s favorite, featuring the Oregon Duck mascot.


Co-authors Tom Shales and James Miller previously wrote a history of Saturday Night Live called Live from New York.