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Bob Edwards Weekend Highlights – August 13-14, 2011


Joe and Terry Graedon are co-hosts of the public radio show The People’s Pharmacy and co-authors of many books, their latest is titled Quick and Handy Home Remedies. The Graedons join Bob to discuss their favorite beneficial foods and what items in your fridge or cupboard can treat some common ailments. 

In this week’s installment of our ongoing series This I Believe, we hear the essay of Bryan McGuire. Whenever things went wrong in his life, he knew who to blame: his father. In McGuire’s eyes, his dad was a collection of misdeeds and shortcomings, and they fueled his anger at the world. Then McGuire himself became a father, and he saw his dad in a new light, eventually finding the courage to forgive the old wrongs. 


Brooke Gladstone is the editor and host of the public radio program On the Media. Her new book, The Influencing Machine, is a guide through the complexities of modern media in comic book form. Gladstone argues that it’s wrong to see “The Media” as an external force since so many of us are directly constructing, filtering and shaping the news that we consume.

Scientists at the FDA estimate that the painkiller Vioxx directly led to the deaths of 40,000 people over the five years that the drug was on the market. Former NPR reporter Snigdha Prakash covered the story while it was unfolding and now she has written a book about the lawsuits and trials that eventually led the drug company Merck to reach a multi-billion dollar settlement. In All The Justice Money Can Buy, Prakash describes the legal maneuverings and scientific manipulation that make it very difficult to hold powerful corporations accountable.

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