Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett is the playwright and author behind The History Boys and The Madness of George III.  When that play was adapted for the movie screen in 1994, there were worries about that Roman numeral. Concerned that the audience might think they had already missed the first two films in the series, the studio decided to call the film version The Madness of King George. Bennett adapted the screenplay and also had a cameo appearance. His latest book is titled Smut: Two Unseemly Stories. Bennett says when he has an idea that he can’t quite turn into a play, he usually settles for a short story. He discusses the new stories and his long career with Bob. Somehow, the topic of British politics came up and we learn that Bennett is not a fan of Margaret Thatcher (saying she had done more damage to the north of England than anyone since William the Conqueror), we also learn a lot about Bennett’s parents and how he creates his plays and stories.