Doyle McManus and Bob roundup the week in politics

by Ariana Pekary, producer

With the third and final presidential debate behind us, we can now get down to answering the serious question of who would be better to run the nation at this very precarious time.  That means we may have to ignore the divorce attorneys drudging up old court transcripts, millionaire-mega-egos bribing the chief executive for his school-era transcripts, and even a certain senator lashing out at a former Secretary of State for making a “disappointing” endorsement.


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, helps Bob parse the news of the week, beginning with the importance of the state of Ohio.  President Obama won the Buckeye state in 2008.  They discuss how this year compares


Doyle was in Ohio this week and that’s no accident. As Romney inches ahead very slightly in the national polls, Obama still maintains a very slight lead in the swing states, key of which is Ohio.  It can still go either way.


Surprised, or not so much?  One-third of all election TV advertisements aired this cycle will air between now and November 6.  You may want to exercise your DVR, if you absolutely must watch that other broadcast medium.


Working-class women, this year being called “waitress moms,” are the coveted demographic of undecided voters and recently, Obama has lost some ground to Romney among that group.


Richard Mourdock is the Republican running for senate in Indiana who said that if a woman were to get pregnant as a result of being raped then it must have been God’s will.  He refused to apologize and election watchers wonder if it could have an affect on Romney, who endorsed the candidate in this 30 second TV ad.