Ben's Heroic Feet

When Ben Taylor injured his Achilles’ tendon, doctors told him he needed to have emergency surgery. It could have meant a brief mythical downfall (in the form of a concert tour derailment), but Taylor soldiered through, keeping all of his tour dates and his scheduled interview with Bob. And even though he was likely in pain, he sounded great. 

Taylor’s musical roots couldn’t be stronger — mom is Carly Simon and father is James Taylor — but Taylor was a late-bloomer musically, and didn’t start writing and singing songs until his early 20’s. The 35-year-old performer has made up for lost time though and has recently released his 6th album, Listening.  Here’s a video for one of the record’s songs, Oh Brother, which he wrote for his twin step-brothers. “If you could give your little brothers any piece of advice what would it be?” said Taylor of the song. “Cool is an accident.”


Here’s another video of Ben rehearsing the track Worlds are Made of Paper with his mother in her Martha’s Vineyard home.