Andrew Bird

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

Bob talks with musician Andrew Bird about his career and the music from his brand new CD called Break It Yourself. Primarily known as a violinist, Bird has been playing since he was four, learning to play EVERYTHING by ear as a student of the Suzuki method. He got his first widespread attention by collaborating with the Squirrel Nut Zippers during their later recordings. More recently, Bird composed the score for a small movie called Norman. I haven’t seen it but the trailer makes it look pretty good (seems kind of like a male version of Juno) and the soundtrack is great. I’ve been using many of the songs as background music for months now. He says he’d love to do more movie music, he’s just looking for the right director. To read more about Andrew Bird, click here.

And here’s a video of Bird’s live performance of Danse Caribe.