Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel spent a lifetime bearing witness to other peoples’ stories — about surviving the Great Depression, fighting in World War II, finding faith, working and just about every other subject within the human condition. But Studs was also a consummate story teller himself. He would even interrupt his own story to tell a different tale — and pick up right where he left off. The 100th anniversary of Studs’ birth is May 16, and we’re observing it by offering a small portion of one of Bob’s many interviews with him.

Studs died more than three years ago, but you can still hear him every week on his home station, WFMT. Click here to find out how.

There’s an entire website dedicated to Studs’ centenary, and you can find it here. Be sure call in with your own stories about Studs and how his work affected you.

For a refresher on all of Studs’ books, click here.