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Bob Edwards Weekend, June 23-24, 2012


Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus joins Bob to discuss the latest political news, with a focus this time on some of the more contentious US House and Senate races.

Grammy award-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is one of the few living composers who has topped the classical charts.  Best-known for his “Virtual Choir” projects on YouTube, Whitacre is a musician who pushes the boundaries of music and still finds popular acclaim.  His most recent album is Water Night.

Then, in this week’s installment of our ongoing series This I Believe, we hear the essay of Jeffrey Hollender.  Like many of us, Hollender lived his life on autopilot.  Instead of enjoying the present, he was always considering the past or the future.  Then, Hollender’s brother died.  That emotional shock persuaded Hollender to begin living his life more fully by living in the here-and-now.


Derek Jacobi is one of Britain’s most celebrated and respected actors. At the invitation of Laurence Olivier, Jacobi became a founding member of the Royal National Theater. Jacobi has played most of Shakespeare’s major roles, but it was his performance as a stammering Roman emperor in the epic BBC series I, Claudius that brought him international attention. Acorn Media has just released a 35th anniversary edition of that series on DVD. And last year the company released Discovering Hamlet, a 1990 documentary about Jacobi’s directorial debut on stage with Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet. book critic and writer Laura Miller shares what’s on her reading list this summer.

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