Khanna 'Hybrid Reality'

by Dan Bloom, producer

To the technophobe among us, Parag and Ayesha Khanna are here to help. Actually, if you’re reticent about technolgy, they’re more likely to scare you into caring, but it will be helpful in the end.

Their ebook ‘Hybrid Reality’ argues that technology has become the driving force behind much of our societal progress, and those who understand this are calling ever more of the shots.

The Khannas are especially fond of the german term ‘technik,’ which connotes not just an effective use of technology, but a keen awareness of its effects. Look no further for an example where technik is needed than our reliance on coal-fired electricity to power a penchant for electronics.

To the techie, the Khannas’ message is enthralling, and for the ostrich who rather find solace in sand, they would counsel: understand technology, for it is already hard at work understanding you.

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