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Bob Edwards Weekend, August 4-5, 2012


One in three active-duty women have reported being the victim of sexual assault while serving in the U.S. military.  Based on estimates from the Department of Defense, 19,000 servicemen and women were sexually assaulted in 2010 and many never report the violent acts for fear of reprisals from their superiors. Today we present our original documentary on the subject titled “An ‘Occupational Hazard’: Rape in the Military.”


Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

We revisit a conversation Bob had with Gore Vidal.  Vidal died Tuesday in Los Angeles.  In 2006, Bob visited him there and they had a wide-ranging conversation in Vidal’s Hollywood Hills living room about his life and work, touching on everything from his feelings about “right-wing nut” William F. Buckley to Vidal’s belief the Mafia was responsible for John F. Kennedy’s death.

Then, in this week’s installment of our ongoing series This I Believe, we hear the essay of Vint Cerf.  He works for Google, and Cerf is known as the “Father of the Internet.”  He often travels to attend conferences and give speeches, but Cerf isn’t absorbed with the wonders of the Web.  He makes it a point to strike up conversations with as many strangers as he can.  Cerf says face-to-face communication teaches him something new every day, and he does his best to treat everyone he meets with respect.

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