My Bookstore

- Cristy Meiners, producer

We are independent bookstore people here at the Bob Edwards Show.  Bob’s many speaking engagements and book tours over the years have introduced him to some of the country’s finest, including Oxford, Mississippi’s Square Books, which we featured on the program for a full hour back in 2008.  When Bob handed me a copy of Ronald Rice’s My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Show about a month ago, he said, “If I didn’t already have a copy of this, this would be the perfect Christmas gift for me.”  

Instead, this is our gift to all of you: Bob’s interview with editor Ronald Rice and best-selling writer and now-independent bookstore owner Ann Patchett.  Patchett’s Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN had the kind of coverage that publicists dream about: a photo on the front cover of The New York Times; an interview on The Colbert Report; countless write-ups and interviews.  But a good independent bookstore doesn’t need the backing of a famous writer; it just needs a dedicated community who want to invest in something important.  For we bookish types, there is no finer afternoon than one spent holed up in a favorite bookstore with a big stack of newly recommended books.  My own favorite independents are Ketchum, Idaho’s Iconoclast Books, a new and used bookstore, and Salt Lake City’s Sam Wellers.  Both of these wonderful bookstores used to be much bigger and much more mysterious, but even in their newer sanitized homes, they are still places of discovery and wonder.  

Here is a link to a complete list of the authors and bookstores featured in My Bookstore:   

And here is the list of books Ann Patchett and Ronald Rice recommended during our interview:

The All of It, by Jeannette Haien

Binocular Vision, by Edith Pearlman

Old Filth, by Jane Gardam