This Weekend's Program

Bob Edwards Weekend, May 18-19, 2013


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

Paul Theroux has made a career of going on the road.  He travels light, and frequently, and he’s written scores of books about the places he’s visited.  His latest is about a continent that first received him as a 22-year-old Peace Corps volunteer: Africa.  The Last Train to Zona Verde details the people and places Theroux encountered from South Africa to Angola.

Then, the latest installment of our ongoing series This I Believe


British musician Billy Bragg is known for his folk-punk albums that run the gamut from protest to love songs.  He returns to chat with Bob about his latest release, Tooth & Nail, and about the loss of one of his great sources of inspiration, Margaret Thatcher.

Life After Life is Jill McCorkle’s first novel in seventeen years. It deals with the daily life of the residents and staff of Pine Haven Estates, a retirement facility that many of Fulton, North Carolina’s elderly now call home. McCorkle calls her story “a love song to memory and life.”

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