The lives of Marc Maron

by Dan Bloom, producer

Marc Maron is a man of many talents. Through his standup comedy, podcast, CDs, radio & television shows and now, his book, ‘Attempting Normal,’ Maron examines himself and the wider world with trademark neurosis and biting humor. Twice-divorced, broke, and canceled from a now-defunct liberal talk radio network, Maron had the bright idea to found the “WTF” podcast in 2009, recording interviews with his friends from the world of comedy in the Air America studios under the cover of night. Five years and four hundred episodes later, Maron’s fortunes have taken a dramatic upturn as he approaches 50. His standup shows are hot tickets, he stars in his own show, Maron, on IFC, and he’s written the book, ‘Attempting Normal.’

In his conversation with Bob, Maron talks candidly about his party years in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store, interviewing comedy royalty in Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner, and the positive impact “WTF” has on listeners, including deep savings on therapy.

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“WTF” celebrates it’s 400th episode today. Congratulations! Iggy Pop is the special guest.