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Bob Edwards Weekend, August 10-11, 2013


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

Paula Coughlin was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy who became a whistleblower in 1992, launching the investigation into what is known as the “Tailhook Scandal.”  Now a board member for Protect Our Defenders, she’ll discuss the ongoing problems of sexual assault in the military as an update to our award-winning documentary, “An ‘Occupational Hazard’: Rape in the Military.”  Next, Bob talks with Dr. Stephen Hanks.  In November 2012, Lt. Col James Wilkerson was convicted of aggravated sexual assault against a civilian contractor, Dr. Hanks’s sister.  Wilkerson was dismissed from the Air Force and sentenced to one year in jail, but his commander overturned the conviction and freed the star pilot, reinstating him back into service.  Dr. Hanks discusses the case and the ongoing humiliation of his family.  Then, Bob visits again with Ariana and Ben Klay who were officers in the U.S. Marine Corps when Ariana was sexually assaulted in her home by two men, one a fellow Marine officer.  Ariana attempted suicide before both husband and wife resigned from the Marines.  The Klays give their insights following the recent events related to sexual assault in the military.

Then, the latest installment of our ongoing series This I Believe.


In his newest book, Hallucinations, neuroscientist Oliver Sacks tells stories of his patients and of his own mind-altering experiences to explain what hallucinations tell us about the organization and structure of our brains. He argues that hallucinations have influenced every culture’s folklore and art, and the potential to experience them is present in us all.

Listening to musician Pokey LaFarge is a little like stepping back in time.  With slicked back hair and a natty pin stripped suit, LaFarge and his band play a blend of old timey blues, ragtime and Americana roots music—all of it written in the last 10 years.  LaFarge and his band mates join Bob in our performance studio to play and discuss their latest album, Pokey LaFarge.

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