Victor Wooten's Music Lesson

Note: This blog entry originally appeared in May of 2008.


Victor Lemonte Wooten could be the greatest bass player alive. That’s a pretty bold claim  to make, but after listening to Victor’s performance interview on Bob Edwards Weekend, you might become a believer too.

You could say he’s one of a kind, but that wouldn’t exactly be true.  He has his own distinct personality, but Victor is proud to be the youngest of five immensely talented brothers, all of whom play music. The Wootens became a five-piece band when Victor, the youngest of the bunch, got his hands on a bass guitar at 5 years old. The brothers are Victor, Regi, Rudy, Joseph and Roy AKA Future Man.

Victor and Future Man are band mates in the Grammy award winning bluegrass group, Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. That group was initially convened for the sole purpose of playing one gig, a ‘Lonesome Pine Special’ television program in Bob’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Bob and Victor engage in a wide ranging conversation, discussing music, nature, martial arts and much more.  Interspersed throughout the interview, Victor performs some of his best known songs & arrangements, including: ‘Classical Thump,’ ‘Norwegian Wood,’ ‘The Lesson’ and ‘Amazing Grace.’

Victor has a new album out, its called ‘Palmystery.’

In addition to all his musical endeavors, Wooten has also made his mark with the printed word.  His new book is titled:

 ‘The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music.’

It’s published by Penguin Group (USA).

Victor Wooten’s Official Website
Information on Victor’s tour dates, albums, camps and a lot more.

Special thanks to Howard Wall and Tom Haushalter at Penguin.

-Dan Bloom

Victor performing a song you’ll hear in the interview, ‘Norwegian Wood’

And here’s a link to Victor busting a move — and that move is the windmill.