Pete Seeger

NOTE: This blog entry originally appeared in February 2008.

pete-seeger%20for%20blog.jpgI’ve never been much of a folk music fan, so when I volunteered to produce an hour-long conversation between Bob and Pete Seeger, I was practically starting from scratch.  Sure I recognized the name, but I didn’t fully appreciate the man or his music.  Well I do now.  That’s one of the best things about being a producer on this show - the chance to learn new things about new people - or people you should have known about all along.  One of my favorite parts of the production comes at the end of the first segment, when Seeger talks about entertaining a tough crowd of kids by singing She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, then we hear him performing it, complete with all of the silly sounds to delight the children. “You can’t get mad at some stupid grown-up who’s gonna sing a song like that.” I hope you learn a few things as you listen to the piece - whether you’re Pete Seeger’s biggest fan or just coming to appreciate him yourself.