Bob Edwards Weekend (November 8-9, 2014)

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For this Veteran’s Day, we re-visit our award winning documentary from 2008. Stories from Third Med: Surviving a Jungle ER shares the memories and stories of the Navy’s Third Medical Battalion, which served alongside the Third Marine Division during the Vietnam War. Decades later, the doctors and medics recount the horror and humor they can never forget, and reflect on the forces that drive men to war in the first place.




MAX CLELAND came back from Vietnam missing three limbs and confined to a wheelchair. He thought his life was over until he started a career in public service. President Jimmy Carter appointed Cleland head of the Veterans Administration and, years later, he was elected to the United States Senate. After losing a particularly dirty re-election campaign, Cleland sank into a deep depression. The former Senator wrote about his struggles in the book titled Heart of a Patriot: How I Found the Courage to Survive Vietnam, Walter Reed and Karl Rove.


The astronomer Carl Sagan would have celebrated his 80th birthday this weekend. To mark the occasion Bob talks with first his son, then Sagan’s widow. NICK SAGAN is here to answer questions like “Whatever happened to my flying car?” He supplies the answers in his book about promised technologies titled You Call This the Future?


LINDA SALZMAN-SAGAN was the co-producer of the phonographic time capsule that was launched aboard the Voyager Spacecraft in 1977. The capsule has now left the solar system and is drifting through interstellar space, waiting to be found by intelligent life forms. Salzman-Sagan talks about the sounds and images she selected to represent all of humanity.