This Weekend's Program (Feb 15-16, 2014)

Bob Edwards Weekend, February 15-16, 2014
Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.
MIT professor Craig Steven Wilder has documented a shocking history of Ivy League universities.  Not only were they funded by slave-owners and built by slave labor, many actually had slaves working on the campus. Most of the universities have gone to great lengths to cover up this history that is just now being fully realized.  Wilder’s book is titled Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities.
When mathematics PhD candidate Anjan Sundaram decided to leave Yale University for the Congo and journalism, it didn’t seem the best career move.  But a freelance gig from the Associated Press gave him a job and the opportunity to immerse himself in this often overlooked society.  Sundaram’s debut book is Stringer: A Reporter’s Journey in the Congo.

Actress, playwright, and screenwriter Zoe Kazan stars in director Jenee LaMarque’s new film, The Pretty One. Kazan plays identical twins Laurel and Audrey…and after one dies in a car crash and a mix up at the hospital, she plays Laurel PLAYING Audrey.  In pretending to be her more attractive, more popular twin sister, Laurel slowly learns to be herself.  The Pretty One is now in theaters.

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