Remembering Malik Bendjelloul

In 2012, Bob talked with first-time filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul and with the subject of his new documentary, a former musician from Detroit named Rodriguez. Their film, “Searching for Sugarman,” won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2013. It told the remarkable story of a man who had recorded a few albums in the early 1970s and when no one seemed to notice his music, returned to his simple life and a job in construction. But somehow those records made their way to Apartheid South Africa where the political messages and folk music of Rodriguez made an impact and gained a loyal audience. Bendjelloul shared the beautiful story of Rodriguez and his triumphant South African concert with the world, but it will be the last movie he’ll ever make. When we heard the news that 36-year-old Malik Bendjelloul was found dead in his Stockholm apartment on Tuesday, we knew we had to share this conversation with you. A shorter version airs Friday on SiriusXM Public Radio.

Malik Benjelloul’s New York Times obituary:

Malik Benjelloul’s Oscar accaptance: