Rebecca Frazier and "When We Fall"

by Dan Bloom, producer

There was a time when Rebecca Frazier wanted nothing more than to be a ski bum. Once she go to Colorado, Frazier’s songwriting background and training at Berklee College of Music got the best of her and she ended up spending more time practicing guitar than on the slopes. At a bluegrass jam, she met mandolin player John Frazier, who became her romantic and musical partner. The Fraziers started a band, ‘Hit & Run,’ and began touring the bluegrass festival circuit.
After achieving a good deal of success and notoriety, the pair’s ambitions changed again: John Cowan and later, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers came calling for the expert mandolin of John Frazier, and Rebecca decided that she was ready to start a family, so the pair moved to Nashville for the next stage of their life. Steve Martin with lil’ Jack Frazier
Rebecca Frazier gave birth to her first son, Jack, who brought the couple tremendous joy, but tragically, the couple’s second son, Charlie, was born prematurely and passed after only a half hour of life. The loss devastated Rebecca, as it would any mother, but after a deep depression, she re-animated by playing with Jack and began writing songs about the experience.
There came a point when Rebecca Frazier doubted whether she would ever have another child or record again, but within a year she was doing both, becoming pregnant with her daughter Cora, or ‘C-Biscuit’ as she calls her, and recording with renowned producer and musician Brent Truitt.
Producer Brent Truitt with recording assistant Cora Frazier AKA ‘C-Biscuit’
The resulting album is a lyrical, rollicking bluegrass romp called “When We Fall” which marks Rebecca Frazier’s return to recording for the first time in a decade. Bluegrass fans will find a lot to love about this quintet, and Frazier’s songs will lay you low and lift you back up. Knowing her back story makes Frazier’s lyrics all the more profound, and the music that carries them is expertly delivered.
Rebecca Frazier and ‘Hit & Run’ are touring in support of “When We Fall” beginning on May 14 in Abingdon, Virginia. You can find more information at, Frazier tweets at @RebeccaFlatpick, and her blog is called bluegrass guitar mama.

John, Cora & Rebecca Frazier at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival
 Here’s a list of upcoming show dates:
05/14/14 - Abingdon, VA
05/15/14 - Ashland, VA
05/16/14 - Warrenton, VA
05/17/14 - Gettysburg, PA
05/18/14 - Washington, DC
05/18/14 - Gettysburg, PA
05/23/14 - Cumberland, MD (DelFest)
05/24/14 - Haleyville, AL