Mother Falcon

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

Mother Falcon first came to my attention thanks to Paul Schomer who runs the new music discovery blog About once a month, Bob talks to him about his favorites…the best of what’s out there on the crowdfunding platforms. For the review, Schomer suggested we play the first two songs from Mother Falcon’s 2013 album You Knew…and then I couldn’t stop playing Pink Stallion and Marigold. When we talked to the band in our performance studio last month, it had just released the official music video for Marigold. You can check that out here.

They say they approved the idea for the video, but since they were busy touring, never met the kids or saw any footage until it was complete. Here are two more videos that feature the band members. First, an episode of KLRU’s documentary series Arts in Context featuring the band … then the video for the Mother Falcon song Dirty Summer.