Paul Thorn - Too Blessed to be Stressed

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

It’s always a pleasure to have Paul Thorn on our program. The man just seems to emanate happiness and sunshne and rainbows - even at 6:37am which is when Paul and his songwriting partner and mentor Billy Maddox showed up a few Monday mornings ago. They had just played a concert that Sunday night at the Birchmere and after our interview would be on their way to Ohio to play another show that night. This is Thorn’s fourth appearance on our show since 2008 and whether this was your first taste or if you’re a long-time fan, I hope you enjoyed the interview. Thorn’s new CD is titled Too Blessed to be Stressed and it really is quite good - overflowing with feel-good numbers and rollicking singalongs - songs meant to lift your spirit. For more information about the cruise Paul discussed with Bob, click here. I went last year and had more fun than I could have imagined. Send us a Facebook message or an email to telling us why you love our show and why you deserve to go on a free, fun-filled music cruise in the middle of winter. The Norweigan Pearl leaves from Miami on Saturday January 10th, 2015 for a week with stops in Antigua and St. Croix. Paul Thorn will be on the boat.  So will many, many other musicians, inlcuding Delbert McClinton and Lyle Lovett.