"Dropping the Ball: The Shady Side of Big-Time College Sports"

by Bob Edwards

Stanley Doughty, featured interviewee and former University of South Carolina lineman

I am a college sports fan, but I feel college athletes should be fully qualified to do college work. Athletes who are given passing grades for classes they were not required to attend are not students. Universities that condone such practices are not worthy of respect as institutions of higher learning. Professional football and basketball should establish a  farm system similar to baseball’s minor leagues for athletes unable to do college work. This will likely result in diminished quality of talent in college athletics, but it will also bolster academic integrity and give greater value to one’s college degree. I am proud that The Bob Edwards Show has drawn attention to academic fraud and the exploitation of athletes on college campuses.

Renaldo Works, featured interviewee and former University of Oklahoma tailback


Our documentary, Dropping the Ball: The Shady Side of Big-Time College Sports, demonstrates that many college administrators have lost control of their football and basketball programs. The program was brilliantly produced by Brigid McCarthy who once played #2 singles for The Georgetown University Hoyas varsity tennis team while earning her BA in history. Brigid went to class—and it shows.