Bob Edwards Weekend Lineup (March 14-15, 2015)


Mary Louise Kelly spent two decades as a producer, host and correspondent for NPR and the BBC.  In 2004, she launched NPR’s intelligence beat, which covered wars and terrorism, and included reporting trips to The Pentagon, CIA headquarters and warzones.  Now she has drawn on all of that real-world knowledge to become a novelist.  Her brand new book is a thriller and a medical mystery titledThe Bullet.  Bob also talked with Kelly in 2013 about her debut novel…Anonymous Sources.



Bob speaks with Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher about his book, Something in the Air: Radio, Rock and the Revolution that Shaped a Generation. It tells the story of how radio survived the rise of television by focusing on “pop culture” and how it became the bonding agent for a generation.  And that generation definitely included Bob who grew up listening and dreaming about one day being a voice in the box.  And that’s what he’s been to his listeners for more than four decades.