Rodney Crowell and Mary Karr are "Kin"

NOTE: This blog entry originally appeared in July 2012

Bob talks with Grammy-winning musician Rodney Crowell and best-selling author and poet Mary Karr about their new musical collaboration. The two artists grew up a few years and a few dozen miles apart in east Texas, but when Crowell and Karr finally met in person a decade ago, they learned that their childhoods were very similar. The two clicked instantly and formed a deep and lasting bond. They co-wrote the ten songs on their CD and say they have plenty more material in the vault. The album is called Kin which explains how they feel about each other and signals that these songs are about “their people.” The songs are performed by Crowell, who sings most of the male stories, with a little help from Vince Gill and Kris Kristofferson, while the female-centric songs are voiced by Norah Jones, Lucinda Williams, Lee Ann Womack, Emmylou Harris and Rosanne Cash (who is Rodney’s ex-wife). Bob also talks with Crowell about his memoir – Chinaberry Sidewalks – which is now available in paperback. Mary Karr is a professor at Syracuse University (in fact she is the Peck Professor of English Literature), a poet (she’s working on a new collection now) and a memoirist herself.  The Liar’s Club, Cherry and Lit all told about her experiences of growing up hard and growing up fast.

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