Judy Blue Eyes

 NOTE: This blog entry originally appeared in October 2008 


My ideal of musical bliss is anything involving Judy Collins, Dolly Parton, Joan Baez, and Rufus Wainwright working together. Lucky for me, my idea of musical heaven will be available on October 14th

Born to the Breed is the upcoming tribute album to none other than Judy Collins. The album features some of the songs that she has written over her five decades of performing and it features an eclectic blend of artists, all of whom have been influenced by Ms. Collins in some way. From “My Father” to “Since You’ve Asked,” some of Ms. Collins biggest hits are reinterpreted by some of her friends and her biggest fans.

The artists who appear on the CD include: Rufus Wainwright, Amy Speace, Dolly Parton, Chrissie Hynde, Shawn Colvin, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez, Kenny White, Jimmy Webb, Bernadette Peters, and many others.

As a whole, this album touches on many genres of music and each song plays beautifully off of the last one. Each artist stays faithful to the spirit of the original composition, but each one makes sure to put their own creative stamp Collins’ extraordinary craftsmanship. It is truly no wonder that Collins says she can’t wait to start work on Volume 2.

For more information about Judy Collins, check her website.

 —Taylor Barnes