Chuck Close: Interview

NOTE: This blog entry is from August 2010

Even if artist Chuck Close wasn’t preternaturally talented, his story is remarkable. In 1988, a spinal artery collapse left Close paralyzed from the neck down and hospitalized for months. After months of physical therapy and a whole lot of teeth gritting, Close eventually gained partial mobility in his arms and legs, allowing him to stand and write, although with difficulty. Knowing that painting would be even harder, Close told his friend Christopher Finch that if he had to, he would spit paint at a canvas just to keep on creating. Happily, it never did come to that, and for the past 20 years Close has managed to continue to paint and create his iconic portraits.  You can see Close’s work in museums and galleries all over the world, or, if you happen to be in Washington DC anytime before September 26th, you can see Chuck Close Prints: Process & Collaboration. You can also visit to see more of Close’s works. Here are link to purchase Christopher Finch’s books about his friend. Chuck Close: Work and Chuck Close: Life.