Bob Edwards Weekend (September 5-6, 2015)


Today we present the culmination of our week-long coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding it caused in New Orleans 10 years ago. We’ll hear from journalists Dan Baum and Mark Schleifstein; social anthropolgist Kate Browne; musicians Ben Jaffe and Paul Sanchez; storm survivors Arthur Garrett, Eric Brown and Errol Perez; and urban farmers Ronald Terry and Michael Beauchamp.



We spent the week remembering the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Today Bob talks with Lawrence Powell of Tulane University who reminds us of the city’s long, rich history – and what was almost lost in 2005. He’s the author of The Accidental City and the book covers the period from the first hunters, trappers and explorers in the region through the end of The War of 1812.  Then, Bob talks with Joey Burns, a founding member of the band Calexico. Burns will discuss the band’s music, branded by some as “desert noir,” Calexico’s home base of Tucson, Arizona, their ideas for immigration reform and why they decided to record their seventh studio album in New Orleans. That CD is called Algiers.