Busy Week


Lots happening here at the ol' radio show this week. Yesterday, the amazing Josh Ritter stopped by for a chat with Bob and to play some tunes off his new album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. He's got a lot of the same qualities that make Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen so compelling: extremely verbal (he packs an amazing amount of words into a song, like Dylan) and very thoughtful and aware of his place in the world (like Springsteen). It was a great conversation and performance and it's schedule to air on Bob's show this coming Tuesday. 

Today, former President Jimmy Carter comes to Bob's studio. Carter has a new book, but Bob will go well beyond that in what is sure to be a free-ranging conversation. Then, Thursday, another former president, Vicente Fox of Mexico, comes to XM to spend some time with Bob. There's been no shortage of Secret Service casing XM this week.

And, remember, you can read Bob's take on things here.