Share Your Ideas

My producers and I book interviews that interest us and, we hope, you.  But we are, after all, inside-the-beltway elitists* who are allegedly out of touch with America and we don't know who you are if you don't tell us. So I'm asking all of you to suggest issues the candidates have not addressed and important matters the media have not examined. What great story is brewing in your community that deserves national attention? The finest hour of radio we've produced was suggested by a listener, so I'm open to new ideas. You can share them as comments on this blog post--or send email to Do it anonymously if you like---no one will call your home or put you on a junk mail list. So drop us a line.

- Bob

*Actually, two of my producers live way outside the beltway and I have no idea what an elitist is. I do know what elite means and all of my producers are elite. I work with the best.