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Bob Edwards Weekend

November 8-9, 2008


Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States and with a new commander-in-chief comes a new administration. Chicago native and Princeton University political science professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell talks about what an Obama administration might look like. And our political roundtable will analyze the results of this historic election. Bob talks with Washington Post columnist David BroderRebecca Roberts of XM’s 24-hour presidential channel and with Dr. Ron Walters, Director of the African-American Leadership Center at the University of Maryland.


Bob talks with Washington Post reporter Jeffrey Smith about the Bush Administration's last push to weaken environmental regulations.


Steven Winick and Todd Harvey, folklorists with the Library of Congress, share historic musical field recordings from the archives that served as the basis of hits when they were later covered by more famous, contemporary artists. Hear how Feist, Led Zeppelin and Moby were inspired by what they heard in the American Folklife Center.



In the current issue of The Atlantic magazine, reporter Jeffrey Goldberg tests the Transportation Security Administration and finds that measures put into place after September 11th amount to nothing more than "security theater."

Egyptian writer Alaa Al Aswany is the Arab-language's best selling novelist, founding member of the Kefaya political party, and still practices dentistry in his downtown Cairo office. Bob talks with Aswany about his new novel Chicago, which is a follow-up to his 2002 debut The Yacoubian Building. Chicago is a story of a group of Egyptian expats struggling in post 9/11 America.