Michael Eric Dyson

dyson.JPGMichael Eric Dyson is an author, professor and social commentator.  He's a sociology professor at Georgetown university, he's an ordained Baptist minister, and he's got to be the only Ph.D. in religion from Princeton who has ever been name-dropped by Nas (one of the greatest rappers ever) on a record.  In the song, called 'These are Our Heroes,' Nas writes:

"... some real folks with clout: Tavis Smiley, Michael Eric Dyson,
Stokely Carmichael, let's try to be like them. Nicky Giovanni poetical black female. Jim Brown to the people who sing well, from Fela to Miriam Makeba...the mirror says you are the next American leader."

Dyson is also a leader.  He speaks truth to power and inspires people by eloquently communicating his ideas.  His latest book is: 'April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Death and How It Changed America'

Michael Eric Dyson is guaranteed to make you think, laugh out loud, and for the hip hop fans, nod along to the beat.

 -Dan Bloom

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