Make Room for Mel

There's one change to Friday's scheduled program. NASA historian Steven Dick gets the boot (we'll air him in September) in favor of our new boss, Mel Karmazin. Please don't think this is just a case of the Bob Edwards Show sucking up. The CEO of the newly formed Sirius XM Radio has a lot to say about the future of satellite radio and what it all means to subscribers.

Following Bob's talk with Mel, we return to our regularly scheduled show and NASA food scientist Michele Perchonok who joins Bob in the studio to cook up some space food that tastes like home cooking--almost. But it IS safe to say that the days of food-flavored squeeze tubes are over for our spacemen and spacewomen. For pictures of Bob's taste tests, go to our photo gallery.

And we round out Friday's show with Emil du Cou, Associate Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra. He'll discuss his work with NASA to celebrate the space agency’s 50th anniversary. He recently conducted a performance of "The Planets" by Gustav Holst for the 2008 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

--Steve Lickteig