This Weekend: Middle Name: 'Paul'


The latest CD from Noel Paul Stookey, titled 'Facets,' is an example of his fine solo work, but describing him as a solo artist is, in news parlance, burying the lead.  Stookey is known best by his middle name, he's the 'Paul' of the seminal folk group Peter Paul & Mary.

Peter Paul & Mary got together in the early 60s and they quickly established themselves as not just the preeminent group in the folk movement, but the biggest vocal group in the country.

As Noel Paul Stookey explains it, the secret to the longevity of Peter Paul & Mary is the intergenerational nature of their music...mothers sing their kids to sleep with 'Puff the Magic Dragon,' those kids grow older and might discover 'Blowin' in the Wind,' then before they know it, they're having children of their own, and taking them to Peter Paul & Mary shows.

After weathering breakups and health challenges, true folkies can rejoice, the group is going back on the road this year. So far, the following dates have been scheduled for the Fall of '08:

Sep 28, Hartford , CT  The Bushnell
Oct 19, Minneapolis, MN Orchestra Hall
Nov 01, Wilkes-Barre , PA  Kirby Center
Nov 02, Morristown, NJ Community Theatre
Nov 14, Easton , PA  State Theatre
Nov 15, Shippensburg , PA  Luhrs PAC
Nov 23, Philadelphia, PA Kimmel Center
Dec 05, 08 New York , NY  Carnegie Hall

Peter Paul & Mary's website
Noel Paul Stookey's website

-Dan Bloom