Stanley Jordan, Master Guitarist

There are lots of talented people in the world, just as there are a lot of curious people. But when you combine prodigious talent, insatiable curiosity and sharp intellect, you get someone special. Put a guitar in his hands, and he could be Stanley Jordan.

Jordan started out playing piano as a child, and it was this piano experience, and the temporary lack of a piano, that inspired him to develop a technique of playing piano parts on guitar. That practice eventually morphed into the guitar style called tapping, and then Stanley Jordan got even more creative. He began to play two parts at once on the same guitar, then, two parts at once on two separate guitars. Now, he can even play keyboard with one hand, and guitar with the other, switching hands when necessary.

Aside from being a tremendous musician, Stanley Jordan is a great learner and thinker. Jordan records albums and tours the world.  He’s a long-term masters student in Music Therapy at Arizona State University. He’s a father, an environmentalist and a recreational computer programmer.

Stanley Jordan shares his creative philosophies on music and plays beautiful tunes, in hour two of Bob Edwards Weekend.

-Dan Bloom

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