Sister Hazel, live & acoustic

When I introduced to Bob the idea of interviewing the band Sister Hazel, the first thing he said to me after listening to their new CD Before the Amplifiers: Live Acoustic, was something along the lines of it “seems like they have some excited fans.” I think Bob understands now that this is a bit of an understatement, to say the least. The band has been together since 1993 and has amassed a fan following that proudly calls themselves “Hazelnuts.”

The Hazelnuts and Sister Hazel have a unique relationship that Bob explored when he interviewed the band. The band loves to spend time talking to and getting to know their fans and they take every opportunity to bond with their fans in unique settings. In fact, in addition to constantly touring, Sister Hazel has created events that allow them to bond with fans in ways that most other bands would never dream of. These events include The Rock Boat, a weekend concert cruise that features Sister Hazel and other artists. The band really makes an effort to hang out with their fans and bond with them on the ship. Along with the Rock Boat, they also invite all of their Hazelnuts to join them in Charleston, SC for the Hazelnut Hang. This is a weekend on the beach, simply hanging out and barbequing with the band. That is the type of dedication and appreciation for fans that I think makes Sister Hazel truly unique and special.

There is so much more that makes Sister Hazel a band worth taking a listen to...I am proud and excited that this is the last interview I worked on for Bob and the show and I hope you enjoy listening to Bob’s conversation with the band as much as I enjoyed listening to it.

More about the band is at

For information on the Rock Boat, visit

Click here for a live performance of the band’s most famous song “All for You”

- Taylor Barnes (former intern)