Bill McKibben's

by Chad Campbell, senior producer

click on this photo for more photos the International Day of Climate ActionBob spoke with environmental activist and author Bill McKibben back in June, but since today (10/24) is International Day of Climate Action, we figured we should hear from him this weekend. McKibben is the co-founder and director of That number is important because scientists believe that 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide is the safe upper limit for that greenhouse gas to be in our atmosphere. The trouble is, we’ve been well past that mark for years now. And that’s where the International Day of Climate Action comes in. More than 5,000 big and small events are scheduled today in 181 countries to draw attention to the need for action. Another important date coming up is December 7, when the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference begins in Copenhagen. The global community plans to update the Kyoto Protocol and environmentalists like Bill McKibben hope the United States will actually sign this environmental agreement to be reached in Denmark in December.

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