My colleagues

Tis the season for sending Valentines and I want to blow a big kiss to the staff of The Bob Edwards Show. They signed on to a nice little company called XM Satellite Radio which decided it wanted to merge with its rival Sirius Satellite Radio. They spent the next eighteen long months sweating out the process demanded by the Federal Communications Commission. What if the merger failed? Would we still have a show? What if the merger succeeded? Would our new bosses appreciate our show? The merger was finally approved and it turned out that our new bosses did indeed like what we do. We survived and thrived. But the merger process was costly and put the newly merged company in a bind.

As I'm writing this, Sirius XM is on the verge of being sold, being taken over, or going bankrupt. Being a one time business management major, I'm absolutely riveted by my company's odyssey---it's a fascinating business story. So why aren't we covering it? I'll be extremely frank about this--we don't cover it because we want to remain a part of the family. Everything is in flux right now---when it gets resolved, we'll report how it turns out. The important point I want to make is that all of this turmoil is very stress-inducing. We are trying to create programs of solid journalism and broadcasting art in a tumultuous and uncertain atmosphere. My producers are people with mortgages, marriages, leases, car loans, relationships, children, obligations, responsibilities and bills to pay. It's not easy to produce beautiful radio under the best of circumstances---in THESE times, it's a real challenge. We lost a producer on the day that Sirius and XM announced they would merge. Since that day--two years ago---the staff has hung together and endured all the uncertainty, remaining committed to putting out the best show we can. Not one of them scrambled for the relative security of other venues. We have had two sets of bosses in the past year and it could turn out that we'll have a third. No matter, for we'll salute and pledge our loyalty to whoever's in charge. How that evolves is out of our control and way above our pay grade. Besides,we ten ultimatly dedicate ourselves to listeners---and in the satellite radio world, listeners deserve even MORE respect because you're paying cold, hard cash to listen to us. So whatever happens, we hope we'll still be there for you. I just want to take this opportunity to thank my brothers and sisters for overcoming two years of stress and continuing to turn out absolutely fabulous radio programs to which I'm delighted to attach my name.

And--once again--they are---

Steve Lickteig

Dan Bloom

Chad Campbell

Andy Danyo

Ed McNulty

Cristy Meiners

Ariana Pekary

Geoffrey Redick

Shelley Tillman

and me