Global Post

As American newspapers disappear and television networks close down their foreign bureaus, there's a new website ready to update you on news from around the world. Charles Sennott and Philip Balboni co-founded Global and hired a team of nearly 70 foreign correspondents to report from Turkey, Brazil, Taiwan, India and most places in between. Global Post's reporters actually live in the countries they cover, as opposed to "parachuting in" for a few days or a week to cover a big story. Sennott and Balboni believe that is an important distinction and that global news is more important than ever. They're betting that there is an audience for foreign news coverage in America and that they can be profitable while providing that coverage. Global offers a premium service called Passport for those who want to be REALLY connected to foreign news, but their free website is also waiting for you. Check it out and let them know what you think.