Goes to 11

The guitar can express a vast array of human emotions. A light classical guitar is subtle and altruistic, the sound of an angel…its electric cousin can be a brash and wicked beast. Davis Guggenheim is more interested in exploring the latter in his new documentary, It Might Get Loud.

The film goes in-depth with three iconic guitarists: Jack White of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, The Edge of U2, and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Each one brings a fascinating back story, an original creative vision, and chops for days. Led by a great director, that combination makes for a really entertaining documentary.

It just so happens that Guggenheim is a filmmaker of impressive pedigree. His father Charles Guggenheim won four Oscars, including one for the film Robert Kennedy Remembered. Davis Guggenheim has followed in his footsteps in two ways: he won an Oscar for the film An Inconvenient Truth, and last fall, he got the call to make bio films for then-candidate Barack Obama.

For more information, including release dates, visit the film’s official website: www.itmightgetloud.com.

-Dan Bloom