The Mulvey Express

Airplanes and Bicycles move millions of people around the planet each day, and both modes of transport have become very important in musician Peter Mulvey’s career.

His new album’s title, Letters from a Flying Machine refers to a real airplane, but Mulvey also gleefully stretches the metaphorical boundaries of his “Flying Machine” to accomodate some brisk movement through the space-time continuum.

As for the bicycle influence, Mulvey is putting leg work behind his pro-environmental ideals. He has just embarked on The Long Haul Tour 2009, a ten-city tour with all travel done by bicycle, including instruments, clothing, and yes, an opening act.

You have to wonder how Mulvey pitched this idea to musician Brianna Lane: “Hey Brianna I love your stuff, want to open for me? There’s just one catch…you have to ride your bike to all the gigs, and it’s 1,100 miles in ten days.”

The Long Haul Tour 2009 begins tonight at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tomorrow they’ll bike the 50 miles to Kalamazoo to play The Strutt, and on Friday, they play 76 miles away in Lansing at The Creole Gallery. The final stop in Michigan is The Ark in Ann Arbor on Friday before the caravan starts their longest single ride — this one to Buffalo, 305 miles away.

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-Dan Boom