Singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton: Rabbits on the Run

Vanessa Carlton’s latest album is a gear change from her previous releases.  This time, she self-produced and self-funded.  Even though she has a chart-topping hit to her credit and three Grammy nominations to fill out her Wikipedia profile, she didn’t exactly enjoy the music executives meddling with her work.  The result is Rabbits on the Run which is full of tunes that have a familiar, happy sound, even if the lyrics take you some other place. 


Carlton played three of her new tunes in the Sirius XM performance studio in Washington, DC along with guitarist Ari Ingber.  With the singer on piano singing the pieces acoustically, I’d like to say the songs rival the album versions recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the UK (but who’s comparing?).  And she certainly didn’t disappoint with her ability to discuss the album.  This is a musician with wisdom beyond her years.  “A Thousand Years” was her first Grammy-nominated release when she was all of 21 years old.  Her voice tells a different story though – perhaps you might hear it too.  I hope you enjoy!