Nancy Pieters Mayfield and This I Believe

essayist Nancy Pieters MayfieldEach week we’ll hear a new This I Believe essay - this week by Nancy Pieters Mayfield. Years ago, to pay for journalism school, she took a job she didn’t particularly want:  She was a housekeeping maid at a Chicago hotel. Mayfield’s attitude and performance weren’t stellar – until the career maids whipped her into shape. The experience taught Mayfield it’s not the job you do but how you do the job that matters. Mayfield is now a writer who lives in Dixon, Illinois. A former newspaper reporter in northwest Indiana and journalism teacher at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, she enjoys reading, writing, kayaking, and cooking. Her bathroom is always spotless and 25 years after her housekeeping experience, Mayfield can’t go into a hotel room without checking how the bed is made.


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