Candance Gordon and This I Believe

essayist Candance GordonEach week, we’ll hear a new This I Believe essay - this time from Candance Gordon. Parenthood is a high-stakes game these days. Some parents organize craft parties, sew their children’s adorable homemade clothes and create cute cookies for the school bake sale. And then there’s the majority of us. Gordon decided she didn’t want to compete with the Alpha Moms who seemingly accomplish every parenting obligation with ease. She found that she is not very good at crafts and cookie cutouts become blobs in her oven. But she never misses a school event, and she always brings the juice boxes. Gordon says she used to feel inadequate, but now she accepts her abilities without longing for maternal perfection. Gordon lives in Texas with her two children, Max and Grace. She is completing her master’s degree in education and is author of the blog, Crazy Texas Mommy.


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