Julie Feeney's "Clocks"

Julie Feeney

by Dan Bloom, producer

There are many reasons why Julie Feeney makes the short list of our very favorite guests. Among others, she writes her own lyrics, composes her own music and finds artistic inspiration in her family’s history.

Love, beauty and longing are constant themes in Feeney’s work, and on her third studio release, Clocks, she ensconced herself deeply into the lore of Galway, Ireland. The recordings for this latest work were done in the ornate setting of Kylemore Abbey Gothic Church, which adds an delicate solemnity to her breathtaking work.

Don’t be fooled by the first blush of Feeney’s ditties, for just behind the veneer of even her most lighthearted songs lie layers of symbolism and profound themes.

‘Clocks’ has already won Irish album of the year as voted by readers of The Irish Times, and her upcoming schedule would make even the most ambitious musical artists squirm. Upcoming performances include:

December 14, 2013: Cork, Ireland

February 7, 2014: Ballyvourney, Ireland

February 8, 2014: ‘Imbolc’ seminar in Ballyvourney, Ireland

For more information on Julie Feeney, including her lyrics, visit the website JulieFeeney.com

A video on the making of “Clocks”: