Fire & Forget


by Dan Bloom, producer

The NYU Veterans Writing Workshop was founded by former US ambassador to Ireland and sister to John, Robert and Ted Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith. It was here that authors, editors and Army veterans Roy Scranton and Matt Gallagher met Marine Phil Klay and other aspiring writers. In this safe environment of creativity and sharing, they realized that it would be possible to combine their efforts into a special project.

“Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War” is the fruit of their labor. The collection is comprised of short fictional stories with subject matter all too real, culled from the powerful experiences of war.

Listening to these young veterans speak about their sacrifice is truly humbling for the civilian whose daily life is largely unaffected by wars abroad. The authors are keenly aware of the disconnect between the general populace and those fighting, and this collection is a creative and poignant way to build a bridge between the two realities.

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