This Weekend's Program (Sep 14-15, 2013)

Bob Edwards Weekend, September 14-15, 2013


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

Andrew Bacevich returns to the program to discuss a book that was intended to be a conventional narrative history of the relationship between the U.S. military and the civilian population since World War II.  Instead, he was steered onto a different course by his conviction that our military system is broken and no amount of patriotic sentimentality can disguise it.  Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country is Bacevich’s seventh book.  For twenty-three years Bacevich served as an officer in the U.S. Army and his son was killed by an IED while serving in Iraq in 2007.  Bacevich is now a professor of history and international relations at Boston University.

Then, the latest installment of our ongoing series This I Believe.


More than 400,000 children are in foster care in the United States.  It’s a patchwork system. Each state has different rules, and each city contracts with many different child welfare agencies to place children in foster care. The result is that thousands of foster children live in many different homes during their most formative years, and they’re often unprepared to live on their own once they age out of the system. In the new book, To the End of June, Cris Beam writes about the experiences of several foster parents and the children they try to raise. 

Activist and entrepreneur Ben Foss founded Headstrong Nation, a non-profit that helps the dyslexic community.  Dyslexia is a brain-based genetic trait that affects over 30 million Americans.  His book is The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: A Blueprint for Renewing Your Child’s Confidence and Love of Learning.

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