This Weekend's Program (April 5-6, 2014)

Bob Edwards Weekend, April 5-6, 2014


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

Errol Morris spent 33 hours with Donald Rumsfeld to make his new film, The Unknown Known.  But unlike The Fog of War, his previous documentary about a former Secretary of Defense, the star of this film is unapologetic. Morris says that the movie he made with Rumsfeld is vastly different from The Fog of War: “It is a character study of a very different kind of character: it is about a mind that appears to be open but may in fact be locked up like a safe.”


As fans gather to watch the NCAA basketball championships and obsess over their brackets, Bob Edwards takes a look at the treatment of athletes in big-time college sports and the impact of big-money sports programs on higher education.  Bob’s investigation features SiriusXM’s own Dave Zirin and includes the voices of Len Elmore and other former players; college officials like University of West Virginia president Gordon Gee, who had a controversial tenure at Ohio State; and journalists who have covered college sports, including John Feinstein.  It’s an hour-long look behind the hoopla, called “Dropping the Ball: The Shady Side of Big-Time College Sports.”

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