This Weekend's Program (June 21-22, 2014)

Bob Edwards Weekend, June 21-22, 2014


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times, joins Bob to discuss the latest political news.

Bob talks with two Academy Award winners, actor Adrien Brody and director Paul Haggis, about their new film, Third Person. It opens this weekend and follows three couples in three cities and to tell three interlocking love stories.  It also stars James Franco, Kim Basinger, Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde.

Bob talks with music blogger Paul Schomer about his latest discoveries. This time, we’ll hear new music from James Tillman, Invisible Homes, Led to Sea, Dogheart and Crocodile.

Then, the latest installment of our ongoing series This I Believe


China is changing at a pace ten times the speed and one hundred times the scale of the first Industrial Revolution. That one created modern Britain and the world we know today.  New Yorker correspondent Evan Osnos writes about what this very old county feels and looks like now in his new book The Age Of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China.

Internationally recognized illustrator and designer James McMullan was born in 1934 to British national parents living in China.  His new book uses words and paintings to tell the dramatic story of his family’s journey from China.  The book is titled Leaving China: An Artist Paints His World War II Childhood.

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