Redefiner of Man

by Andy Kubis, producer

Jane Goodall was a young English woman without experience or a college degree when she arrived in Africa a half-century ago to study chimpanzees.  Almost immediately, she changed the perceptions of the relationship between humans and animals and is credited as the woman who redefined man. Here Jane Goodall is in the studio with Bob and cradling Mr. H, the mascot that travels around the world with her.

In 1986, Goodall gave up fieldwork and became a full-time activist.  She is now 77–years-old and spends at least 300 days a year on the road.  On Tuesday, September 27th at 8:00pm EST, Goodall will appear via satellite in theaters nationwide in advance of a new film about her life.  Jane Goodall Live will include never-before-seen footage shot during her first years in Africa, film recently discovered in her attic.  There will also be appearances by special guests including Charlize Theron and musician Dave Matthews, and Goodall will answer questions submitted by the theater audiences.  

Show listings of Jane Goodall Live are here

And a trailer of Jane’s Journey, a portion of which will be shown at the live event, is below: